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Wired Glass has long been recognised for its unique properties, combining safety features with practical aesthetics. This type of glass has historically been integral in applications where safety and fire resistance are paramount. Ipswich Glass provides a comprehensive range of Wired Glass, including options like Georgian Wired Glass, ensuring both functionality and style.

Wired Glass panels

Advantages of Wired Glass  

As a premier Wired Glass supplier, Ipswich Glass offers glass that is renowned for its fire-resistant capabilities. This makes it an ideal choice for installations in diverse environments that require stringent safety measures, such as schools and hospitals. Wired Glass for doors and windows enhances safety and offers cost-effectiveness over other specialised glass types. Here's a detailed breakdown of the advantages of Wired Glass provided by Ipswich Glass, focusing on its fire resistance capabilities and cost-effectiveness:

Fire Resistance Capabilities

  • Inherent Fire-Retardant Properties: Wired Glass is embedded with a wire mesh that helps it maintain integrity under high temperatures. This characteristic makes it particularly effective in slowing the spread of fire, allowing additional time for evacuation and firefighting efforts.

  • Safety Compliance: It complies with various safety and building codes, which often require the installation of fire-resistant materials in commercial and educational buildings.

  • Heat Resistance: The glass can withstand significant exposure to heat before it shatters, making it an essential component of passive fire protection systems in buildings.


  • Affordability: Compared to other fire-resistant glazing options, such as tempered or laminated safety glass, Wired Glass is generally more affordable, making it a cost-effective solution for large-scale implementations in buildings.

  • Reduced Insurance Costs: The installation of Wired Glass can potentially lower insurance premiums due to its fire-resistant properties, which many insurance companies recognize as risk-reducing.

  • Longevity and Durability: While not as impact-resistant as some modern glasses, Wired Glass is durable against wear and environmental factors, contributing to its long-term cost-effectiveness.

Wired Glass panels

Versatility in Application

  • Suitable for Various Settings: Its properties make Wired Glass an ideal choice for environments that require both visibility and safety, such as schools, hospitals, and other public buildings.

  • Wired Glass for Doors and Windows: It is commonly used in doors and windows where additional safety measures are necessary. Its fire-resistant qualities ensure it can act as a barrier against the spread of flames and smoke.

Ease of Installation

  • Compatibility with Standard Frames: Wired Glass can be installed in standard door and window frames, allowing straightforward replacement and retrofitting without requiring specialized frames or installations.

Regulatory Acceptance

  • Meets Safety Standards: Wired Glass typically meets the required standards for fire-rated glass in the UK and many other jurisdictions, making it a compliant choice for builders and architects.

By choosing Ipswich Glass as your Wired Glass supplier, you benefit from our expertise in providing high-quality, reliable glass solutions that meet stringent safety standards, are cost-effective, and are versatile for various applications. Whether upgrading existing installations or undertaking new construction, Wired Glass from Ipswich Glass offers a practical and economical solution to meet your fire safety needs.

Common Applications of Wired Glass  

Wired Glass is extensively used across various properties, notably in educational institutions and commercial buildings. Ipswich Glass supplies Wired Glass panels and Georgian Wire Glass that are perfect for high-requirement settings like nightclubs and hotels, where both safety and durability are crucial.

Safety and Performance  

Despite its many benefits, traditional Wired Glass is less impact-resistant compared to some modern alternatives. Recognising this, Ipswich Glass ensures that all our Georgian Wired Glass meets current safety standards, providing a safer environment without compromising on quality.

Modern Alternatives to Wired Glass  

Acknowledging the evolving needs of our clients, Ipswich Glass offers advanced solutions like Georgian Wired Glass cut to size and Wired Glass cut to size, which maintain the aesthetic of traditional wired glass but with enhanced safety and durability features.

Wired Glass panels

Enhanced Safety and Durability

  • Georgian Wired Glass cut to size: Offers the traditional visual appeal of Georgian wire glass but is manufactured with advanced technologies to improve its impact resistance and durability.

  • Wired Glass cut to size: Maintains the classic aesthetic while incorporating modern safety features, ensuring that it meets contemporary safety standards without sacrificing style.

Updated Manufacturing Techniques

  • Use of Toughened Glass: Modern versions of wired glass, such as those offered by Ipswich Glass, often utilize toughened or tempered glass, several times stronger than traditional flat glass and safer for breaking patterns.

Aesthetic Preservation

  • Aesthetic Options: Both types of glass maintain the iconic look of traditional wired glass, making them suitable for restoration projects or settings where preserving a vintage aesthetic is crucial.

Technical Specifications  

Our Wired Glass and Georgian Wired Glass are available in various thicknesses and dimensions, tailored to meet the specific needs of your projects. With a tolerance of +/-2mm, our glass products offer precision and quality that is unmatched in the industry.

Variety in Thickness and Dimensions

  • Range of Thicknesses: Ipswich Glass offers Wired Glass and Georgian Wired Glass in various thicknesses, typically ranging from 4mm to 10mm, to suit different safety requirements and aesthetic preferences.

  • Custom Dimensions: Products can be tailored to specific dimensions, meeting the precise needs of unique architectural projects.

Precision Engineering

  • Tolerance Levels: With a manufacturing tolerance of +/-2mm, Ipswich Glass ensures high precision in glass dimensions, which is crucial for the perfect fit in prepared spaces.

Quality Assurance

  • Industry Standards: All glass products meet or exceed the UK and European standards for safety and quality, ensuring reliability and performance.

Customisation and Ordering  

Ipswich Glass provides bespoke Wired Glass for windows and doors, offering options for Georgian Wired Glass panels and Round Wire Frame Glasses to suit any design requirement. Each piece can be customised for dimensions and finishes, ensuring a perfect fit for your space.

Bespoke Design Options

  • Customised for Specific Applications: Whether for doors, windows, or decorative panels, all glass pieces can be customised in terms of size, shape, and finish.

  • Decorative Finishes: Options include frosted, etched, or clear finishes, allowing for the perfect match with existing decor.

Design Flexibility

  • Georgian Wired Glass Panels: Ideal for creating stylistic features in both interior and exterior applications.

  • Round Wire Frame Glasses: Perfect for architectural features that require a circular or curved design, adding elegance and strength to structural elements.

Ordering and Delivery

  • Streamlined Ordering Process: Ipswich Glass facilitates an easy ordering process via an online platform or direct consultation, accommodating bespoke requests efficiently.

  • Consultation Services: Expert consultations are available to assist clients in selecting the best options for their specific needs, ensuring satisfaction and fit for purpose.

Working with Specialist Providers: Ipswich Glass  

As a leading manufacturer and supplier, Ipswich Glass prides itself on providing high-quality glass products. Whether you are looking for Georgian Wired Glass suppliers near me or need specific Wired Glass panels, our team is equipped to deliver exceptional quality and service.

Contact Ipswich Glass  

For more information on our range of Wired Glass and to discuss your specific requirements, please contact Ipswich Glass today. Our dedicated team is here to provide you with expert advice and tailor a solution that best fits your needs. Contact us to explore our high-quality glass solutions and take advantage of our extensive expertise in the glass industry.

Wired Glass panels

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Ipswich Glass proudly offers an extensive selection of glass products that expertly fuse style with practicality. Our range boasts energy-saving solutions like single glazing glass, double glazing glass, and triple glazing glass, augmented with innovative technologies such as Switchable Privacy Glass and Low E Glass to improve insulation. We feature distinctive designs including Sunburst Georgian Grille Glass, Decorative Leaded Glass, and delicately Bevelled Glass Panels, along with the vibrant allure of Stained Glass. We also provide bespoke solutions for specific needs with products like Fire Rated Glass, Acoustic Glass, Wired Glass, UV-Blocking Glass, and Mirrored Glass. Our collection is complemented by Sandblasted, Coloured, Crackle, and Textured Glass. Additionally, we offer custom services such as bespoke Glass Shelves, Self Cleaning Glass, Solar Control Glass, Georgian Bar Glass, bespoke Lead Design Glass, and Mirrors Cut to Size, ensuring personalised solutions for every glass requirement.

FAQs on Wired Glass  

1. What is the durability of Wired Glass compared to standard glass? 

Wired glass is less durable in terms of impact resistance compared to standard glass due to the presence of wire mesh within it. While the mesh helps maintain the integrity of the glass under fire conditions, it does make it more susceptible to breaking upon impact. However, Ipswich Glass offers modern alternatives to traditional wired glass that enhance safety and durability.

2. How does the cost of Wired Glass compare to other types of safety glass? 

Wired glass is generally more cost-effective than other fire-rated safety glass options. It has historically been valued for its affordability, especially for applications in educational and commercial settings. Ipswich Glass provides Georgian Wired Glass and other variations at competitive prices, balancing cost with performance needs.

3. What maintenance is required for Wired Glass? 

Wired glass requires regular cleaning to maintain its clarity and appearance. It should be cleaned with non-abrasive cleaners to avoid scratching the surface. For our Georgian Wired Glass and other wired effect products, Ipswich Glass recommends using mild, soapy water and a soft cloth to prevent damage to the glass and the printed wire patterns.

4. Is Wired Glass suitable for all environments? 

While wired glass is excellent for fire resistance, its impact resistance is lower, making it less suitable for areas prone to human impact. However, it remains popular in environments where fire safety is a priority, such as schools and hospitals. Ipswich Glass offers wired glass suitable for various settings, including areas with a lower impact risk.

5. Are there any specific installation guidelines for Wired Glass? 

Wired glass should be installed by professionals to ensure it is fitted securely and performs as expected, especially under fire conditions. Ipswich Glass provides detailed installation guidelines and can advise on the best practices for installing wired glass in any facility.

6. Can Wired Glass be customized to fit specific dimensions and designs? 

Yes, Ipswich Glass offers customization options for all wired glass products, including Georgian Wired Glass panels cut to size. Customers can specify dimensions, finishes, and other details to meet their specific architectural and design requirements.

7. How does Ipswich Glass ensure the quality of its Wired Glass products? 

Ipswich Glass adheres to strict manufacturing standards to ensure the highest quality of all glass products. Our wired glass variants undergo rigorous testing to meet safety and performance standards, ensuring they are reliable and effective in both fire resistance and aesthetic appeal.