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At Ipswich Glass, we specialise in the cutting-edge technology of switchable privacy glass, providing an innovative solution for both residential and commercial spaces in Ipswich and surrounding towns. Our electric window tint offers a dynamic alternative for those seeking privacy without compromising on natural light.

Smart Glass Windows in the UK - A Blend of Privacy and Style

Our smart glass windows range is designed to offer the ultimate control over your environment. With a simple switch, our switchable privacy glass transitions from transparent to opaque, offering an instant privacy solution. Say goodbye to conventional curtains and hello to sleek, smart switchable glass film.

We understand the value of investment, and at Ipswich Glass, we offer switchable privacy glass price that reflects both quality and affordability. Our one way glass window options are priced competitively, ensuring you get the best market rates without compromising on quality.

Competitive One Way Glass Window Price UK

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Private Glass - Your Sanctuary in Ipswich

Smart Film for Windows UK - Innovation at Your Fingertips

Our smart film for windows UK is a testament to our commitment to innovation. This self-adhesive electric window film is designed for retrofitting existing glass, making it a versatile choice for those not looking to replace their current installations.

Smart Glass - The Future of Glass Technology

Electrically Tinted Windows - Control at Your Fingertips

Our smart glass UK collection includes electrically tinted windows that offer a sleek, modern alternative to traditional window treatments. With electrically tinted windows, you can adjust the level of tint to suit your privacy needs at any time of day.

Privacy Glass for Homes - A Touch of Elegance

Our privacy glass for homes is not just functional; it's aesthetically pleasing, too. Whether you're looking for glass front door privacy, frosted double glazed windows, or opaque glass windows, our range provides an elegant solution that complements any home decor.

Smart Window Film - A Revolutionary Product

Our smart window film is a revolutionary product that transforms your existing glass into switchable smart glass. This innovative film is an affordable alternative to complete window replacement and is a perfect example of our commitment to smart, cost-effective privacy solutions.

Privacy Windows and Electric Frosted Glass - Tailored to Your Needs

At Ipswich Glass, we offer bespoke privacy windows and electric frosted glass solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're looking for semi opaque glass for a bathroom or obscure window glass for a conference room, our products provide the perfect balance of light and privacy.

In addition to our exceptional switchable privacy glass solutions, Ipswich Glass is your trusted partner for a comprehensive range of glass products. We specialise in single glazed glass, double glazed glass, and even triple glazed glass to cater to various architectural and insulation requirements. Our expertise extends to greenhouse glass, suitable for both retail and wholesale applications. Whether you're seeking tailored solutions for your specific project or looking to stock quality glass products for resale, Ipswich Glass is your one-stop destination for all your glass needs in the B2B sector.

Intelligent Film - The Smart Choice

Our intelligent film is the smart choice for those looking to upgrade their windows. This smart switchable glass film is designed for ease of use and can be integrated into any space, providing a privacy option that's both smart and stylish.

At Ipswich Glass, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality switchable privacy glass and related products. Our extensive range of smart glass options is designed to cater to all your privacy glass needs. Contact us today to find out more about our products and to receive a tailored quote.

Ipswich Glass: The Ultimate Range of Stylish and Functional Glassware

At Ipswich Glass, we are dedicated to offering a vast and specialised assortment of glass products that seamlessly merge practicality with style to cater to diverse requirements. Our inventory encompasses energy-conserving choices such as single glazed, double glazed, and triple glazed glass, as well as cutting-edge Switchable Glass and Privacy Glass. Our offerings extend to specialised options including Sunburst Georgian Grille Glass, Decorative Lead Glass, Bevelled Glass Panels, and vivid Stained Glass for varied aesthetic needs. Furthermore, we provide robust solutions like Fire Rated Glass, Acoustic Glass, and Wired Glass, in addition to functional Mirrored Glass and UV-Blocking Glass for specific demands. For those desiring distinct appearances, we supply Sandblasted Glass, Coloured Glass, Crackle Glass, and Textured Glass. We also customise products such as Glass Shelves Cut to Size, ensuring a tailored and all-encompassing service for every glass requirement.



How much is switchable privacy glass?

The cost of switchable privacy glass varies widely depending on the size, customisation, and installation requirements. On average, prices can range from £40 to over £80 per square foot. Custom sizes and additional features like UV protection or colour tinting can increase the cost.

Switchable privacy film, which can be applied to existing glass, is a more budget-friendly option. It typically costs between £20 and £40 per square foot. The price difference is mainly due to the ease of installation and the absence of the need to replace existing glass.

Value and Comparison  

Is switchable glass worth it?

Whether switchable glass is worth the investment depends on your needs and preferences. It offers benefits such as instant privacy and a modern aesthetic and may contribute to energy savings by regulating light transmission. For commercial spaces or homes where these benefits align with the owner's values, it can be worth the cost.

Is smart glass better than curtains?

Smart glass and curtains serve different preferences and budgets. Smart glass provides a sleek, modern look and can switch between opaque and transparent states instantly, offering privacy without sacrificing natural light. Curtains can offer a wider variety of designs, are much cheaper, and can be easily replaced. The choice between the two often comes down to aesthetic preference, budget, and the specific functional needs of a space.

What is the difference between switchable glass and switchable film?

Switchable glass is a complete glass panel that switches from opaque to transparent when an electrical current is applied. Switchable film is a thin film that can be applied to existing glass surfaces to provide the same effect. The main difference is that switchable glass requires replacing existing windows or installations. In contrast, switchable film can be added to existing glass, making it a more flexible and less expensive option.


What is the life span of switchable glass?

The life span of switchable glass can vary based on the quality of the product and the conditions of use, but it is typically around 15 to 20 years. Proper installation and minimal mechanical stress can extend its life span.

Does smart glass reduce heat?

Yes, smart glass can reduce heat transmission. By blocking UV rays when in the opaque state, it can help in maintaining cooler indoor temperatures during hot weather, potentially leading to energy savings on air conditioning.

Is smart glass soundproof?

Smart glass isn't inherently soundproof, but it can contribute to a slight reduction in noise transmission. For significant soundproofing, special acoustic glazing would be more effective.

How thick is switchable glass?

The thickness of switchable glass typically ranges from 5mm to 12mm, but it can vary based on the manufacturer and the specific product line. Custom thicknesses can also be produced for specific applications.

Does smart glass use electricity?

Yes, smart glass requires a small amount of electricity to switch from opaque to transparent states. However, when it's in either state (opaque or transparent), it does not consume electricity. The energy usage is minimal, especially compared to traditional heating, cooling, and lighting costs.

Economic Factors  

Why is the switch expensive?

The cost of switchable glass technology is high due to the complex manufacturing process, which involves laminating a layer of liquid crystal film between two pieces of glass and then sealing them with a conductive material. The materials used, along with the technology required to manufacture and install these glass panels, contribute to the higher cost.

Why are switches still so expensive?

The pricing remains high due to consistent demand in both commercial and high-end residential markets, the technological innovation it represents, and the relatively niche market. As the technology matures and becomes more widespread, prices may decrease.

​Switchable Privacy Glass

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