Premier Self-Cleaning Glass Supplier

Our self-cleaning glass is an epitome of advanced technology, featuring a titanium dioxide coating. This coating is dual-action: it's photocatalytic (activated by light) and hydrophilic (water-loving). When exposed to UV light, the coating generates a chemical reaction, breaking down organic material on the glass surface. This process is not only efficient in cleaning but also environmentally friendly as it reduces the need for chemical cleaners​

Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Window Coating

Our range includes both hydrophilic and hydrophobic coatings for self-cleaning windows. These advanced coatings enhance the self-cleaning properties, ensuring long-lasting clarity and minimal maintenance.

The Benefits of Self-Cleaning Glass in Commercial Spaces

Cost-Effective Self-Cleaning Glass Solutions

Implementing our self-cleaning glass windows in commercial spaces significantly cuts down on maintenance costs and effort, making them an ideal choice for businesses looking to optimise operations.

Eco-Friendly Self-Cleaning Windows

Our self-cleaning glass windows align with environmental standards by reducing the need for chemical cleaners, promoting a safer and more sustainable approach to window maintenance.

Air-Purifying Features of Self-Cleaning Glass

Our self-cleaning glass not only cleans itself but also contributes to air quality improvement, thanks to its pollution-reducing photocatalytic properties.

Self-Cleaning Glass Windows in Diverse Industries

Self-cleaning glass is versatile, finding applications in residential and non-residential construction, solar panels, and the automotive sector. Our self-cleaning glass windows are especially beneficial in sectors where cleanliness and maintenance are crucial.

Choose Ipswich Glass for Your Self-Cleaning Glass Needs

Contact us to discover how our self-cleaning glass windows can revolutionise your business space with innovative, sustainable, and efficient glass solutions.

In addition to our pioneering self-cleaning glass, Ipswich Glass is also proud to supply an extensive range of other glass products to meet diverse commercial needs. Our offerings include high-quality single glazed glass, ideal for interior applications and traditional settings. We also provide advanced double glazedtriple glazed glass options, perfect for enhanced insulation and energy efficiency in modern buildings.

Moreover, our greenhouse glass selection caters specifically to the agricultural sector, offering robust and clear solutions for optimal plant growth. Each of these products is designed with the same commitment to quality and innovation that characterises our self-cleaning glass, ensuring that Ipswich Glass is your one-stop supplier for all commercial glass needs.