High-Quality Casement Windows

Casement windows are a widely recognised window style, and at Ipswich Glass, we are proud to offer the Aluplast Ideal 70, a meticulously designed 70mm window suite. This German-engineered product boasts remarkable visual appeal and incorporates a state-of-the-art five-chamber system to optimise energy efficiency. The Aluplast Ideal 70 consistently achieves the highest BFRC A+ ratings, making it a leading choice in the industry. We also provide awning window styles, flush casement windows, and a selection of other UPVC window styles catering to various architectural needs.

UPVC Casement Window Design  

Our UPVC casement window range is known for its sleek aesthetics, slender sightlines, impeccable security features, and remarkable energy efficiency. We offer a diverse selection of single, double, or multiple fixed and opening lights, allowing for the creation of combination frames such as bay and bow windows. These meticulously crafted profiles lend an air of elegance, enabling the customisation of windows to complement any property seamlessly.

Energy-Efficient UPVC Windows  

Our exemplary Ideal 70 UPVC windows consistently score an A for their energy efficiency. The core of their design comprises five chambers, flanked by two additional chambers on each side of the reinforcement chamber, resulting in exceptional thermal insulation performance. By integrating a double glazed casement and triple glazing, these windows ensure an A+ energy rating, significantly enhancing their ability to save energy.

High-Security UPVC Casement Windows  

The Aluplast Ideal 70 UPVC windows boast inherent high-security features. Each window variant is internally glazed with a single-leg glazing bead, ensuring effortless installation. Additionally, the opening sashes incorporate Yale shootbolt locking systems and key locking handles, further enhancing their secure nature. Our standard window design also includes steel reinforcements strategically placed to enhance overall structural integrity.

Key Features  

  • Huge Colour Range: Premium white finish as standard, available in 35 colours and finishes.

  • High Security: Internally glazed, steel reinforced, and fitted with high-security Yale shootbolt locking systems.

  • Energy Efficient: Multi-chamber Ecotech70 lead-free profile, A rated as standard, non-shrink gaskets, and increased frame overlap.

  • Extensive Choice: A wide range of window frame designs and opening configurations is suitable for any property. We also offer other types of window styles, like flush casement windows, tilt and turn windows, and vertical sliding sash windows.

Additional Options  

  • A Rated as Standard with the option to upgrade to A+.

  • Acoustic Glazing for optimum sound insulation.

  • 35 Colours and Finishes to choose from.

  • Trickle Vents to provide additional background ventilation.

  • PAS 24 Security Specification for enhanced security.

  • Wide Range of Decorative Glass Options including Georgian bars, astragal bars, and leaded glass.

Working with Specialist Providers  

Ipswich Glass is a leading supplier of high-quality casement windows in the UK. We take pride in offering a wide range of UPVC, aluminium, and wood casement windows, designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our products are engineered for superior performance, security, and energy efficiency, ensuring they are suitable for any property.

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